Lenovo Go Wireless Split Keyboard

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Key Details

  • Human-inspired True Ergonomic split keyboard

  • 13-degrees splay for straight typing, comfortable neck and shoulders

  • 11-degrees vertical tenting for more natural typing posture

  • 4-degrees negative tilt riser to reduce wrist pain

  • Tactile and responsive, scissor switch keys

  • Treated cork palm rest, soft cushion to reduce palm wrist strain

JOD 109.00
Operating System
O.S Windows
Connectivity, standard 2.4G Wireless via USB-A receiver
Supports Lenovo Unified Pairing Receiver
General Features
Color Storm grey
Dimensions (H x W x D, mm) Height 48 mm (1.88 in); with holder 57 mm (2.26 in)
Length 463 mm (18.21 in)
Depth 255 mm (10.03 in)
Battery (Type) 2 x AA battery
After Sales Service
Warranty 1 year